Riva City


Neutral Large City
Corruption: +6; Crime: +7; Economy: +5; Law: +6; Lore: +5; Society: +7
Qualities: Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic
Disadvantages: Flecks, Spirits, Nightmares
Danger: +20


Government: Council-led Monarchy The 20 Sided Dias
Population: 18,000 (14,000 humans; 1,000 dwarves; 1,000 halflings; 500 elves; 1,500 other)(2,000 Travellers)
Notable NPCs:


Base Value: 12,000 gp; Purchase Limit: 75,000 gp; Spellcasting: 9th
Useful Items: 4d4; Common Items: 3d4; Uncommon Items: 2d4


Upper (27)
Lower (39)
Merchant (23)
Sailor (6/7)

Magic Shops
Upper (28)
Lower (44)
Travelling Emporium

Upper (Decorative, Weapons) (25)
Lower (Horseshoes, buckles, cookware) (50)
Military (39)

Upper (14)
Lower (marketplace, trinkets) ()

Upper (robes, finery) (15)
Lower (tunics, sturdy workwear)



Upper (Divine)
Lower (Herbs)

Upper (Wizard + Apprentice)
Lower (Bard)

Conveyor (Astropath)

Minor presence of Hand of Fate spy network.


Riva City is a usually prosperous city with its finger on the pulse of a major trade route between a wide and deep harbour and a caravan trail. It is moderately populated with the citizens fairly well spread between well maintained apartments, townhouses and some merchants/nobles living in larger homes alongside the expected lower class housing. There are high levels of friendly corruption between merchants and the officials managing the trade that passes through the town. The Iron Circle (Thieves’ guild) maintains the crime at an acceptable level by ‘dealing with’ anyone that doesn’t have the sanction of the guild. The City guards are led by a realist who will apply force in the most reasonable areas to produce the maximum effect. The townspeople are more than willing to talk about rumours and stories they’ve heard from abroad but more reticent when it comes to the city itself. The city population is quite tolerant of outsiders, having a decent population of non-humans already.
Unfortunately the recent stirrings of angry spirits have been affecting the luck, growth and safety of the area surrounding, while the growth of a drug trade in flecks has been causing corruption, crime and law to increase drastically as the council tries to crack down on the Fleck trade that is tearing at their city from the underbelly up. All this pales in comparison to the effects that the upcoming concert that will be a “world shaking political performance” by Minnik Lora, the most prominent musician ever banished from the Empire for stirring up dissent and sparking revolutionary action among the lower classes.

The capitol city of Riva, a major trading post between the Shattered Isles, Kesh, and The Empire.

Riva City

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