Conri Loris

Rogue/Monk Hybrid


Status: Deceased :-(

Conri is a 14 year old human girl who is usually disguised as a boy. She has short light brown hair with large, bright blue eyes. She carries the scar of a Suppression Collar from Shackelton around her neck that she covers up with whatever she can (usually a scarf). She has quite an attitude and is used to looking out for herself. She thinks emotions like fear and sadness are weak so tends to cover them up with humor and sarcasm. She’s constantly trying to prove herself strong and capable, and tries to act beyond her age. That is except when it’s to her advantage and then she uses her deceptively cute looks to get under her enemy’s guard and strike.

Her weapon of choice is a spiked chain that she wears wrapped around her hips, hidden as a belt. However, she always keeps daggers hidden up her sleeves for back up and ranged attacks. She knows her stature will always be a weakness in close combat so she prefers to strike with poison, letting it do most of the work while she safely hides in the shadows. (She currently doesn’t have any poison weapons but is on the look out for some).


Conri was an orphan child raised in a Shou Monastery in the mountains near the border of Sarkhan. She was trained as a monk but by the time she was 10 years old, she was sick of not having any family so took off on her own.

She ended up in a small village on the other side of the Sar Chasm called Ruun. There she met a boy, a couple of years her senior, called Draven Black. He was a runaway like her and together they learnt to survive on their own by thieving. Draven fast became like a big brother to Conri, so she finally felt like she had a family.

The pair made their way to the lightning rail, where they stowed away in the baggage cart. Conri was now disguised as a boy because Draven believed she’d be safer that way. They eventually found themselves in Riva City where Draven had heard about a prosperous thieves guild, the Iron Circle, and thought they could do well for themselves in such a place. They were both accepted into the guild with Conri’s monk training assuring she rose in the ranks despite her young age.

The men of the Iron Circle used to call Conri “Little Loris”, thanks to Viper, referring to a small mammal found in the surrounding forests called a slow loris. A slow loris is agile and moves slowly and deliberately, making little or no noise. With it’s adorable bulbous eyes, they are the kind of animal you will want to take home and cuddle for hours on end. Besides being one of the cutest mammals on the planet, it’s also the most poisonous. If you piss one off then it’s pleading look — with it’s big round eyes — might be the last thing you will ever see. That’s when Conri took on the surname of Loris.

For 4 years Conri and Draven worked within the Iron Circle and received their mark of honour, an iron band tattooed around the finger like a ring. While they were on a mission outside the gates of Riva City they were captured by goblins and sent off to Shackleton as slaves. In shackelton, they were recognised for their magical gifts and given the “honour” of becoming one of the Chosen. Once Conri saw the new collar put on Draven, he immediately changed and it seemed like the boy she knew was no longer inside. This made her panic but her training ensured she stayed calm and compliant until they removed her suppression collar in preparation for her Chosen collar. Once this was done she was once again able to use her psionic powers and escape. Using all her thief training, she managed to stow away on an outbound ship. Unfortunately, on the way to their destination (unknown to Conri) their ship was caught in a storm and didn’t survive. Conri managed to cling on to some debris which followed the tides to Cuttlescar. Once their she took to thieving to survive and “purchase” some weapons, clothes, and supplies. She went back to her “boyish appearence” and while attempting to pickpocket drunks in a tavern, she stumbled across an elf. Unable to resist the challenge of stealing from such a perceptive race she targeted the elf, and was caught. Surprisingly Conri was taken in by the elf (Nymira “Nym”) and her friends (Alain and Israna) to help out on their ship.

Conri Loris was recently killed in action as a succubus, in the guise of someone Conri had killed, gave her, her first and last kiss minutes before being reunited with Draven. She will be sorely missed :-(
Defining characteristic: Scar around neck, always covered.
Driving passion: To prove herself
Flaw: Hides emotions through sarcasm/humor.
Fear: Enslavement
Quirk: Usually takes on a male persona

Ally: Viper
Antagonist: Eliah Stormbrace
Mentor: Draven Black
Group that likes her: Shou Monastery
Group that hates her: The Iron Circle

Conri Loris

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