Varsa Baalim

It is said that ages ago one of the 9 Swords of Tyr was entrusted to a powerful Tiefling Lord of Bael Turath, Lord Baalim. Fearing the sword’s power he used his hard-bargained blood magics to capture and bind several demons in its defence, shackling them to the arcane machinery he had created in a vicious gauntlet supposedly only traversable by one intimately familiar with the highest echelons of hell.

In the centuries following the Lord Baalim’s supposed death, his descendants took it upon themselves to add more and more to it’s defense, creating a vast network of labyrinthine passageways surrounding the central gauntlet.

Being built into a small peak close the city of Bael Turath itself, Varsa Baalim didn’t fare very well during the cataclysm that ended the Turathian War, being sheared from the main body of land it was perched on and sliding into an ocean trench.

After such a devastating event, many records were lost and even those places that still existed, are no longer easy to locate.

Varsa Baalim

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