First Bank of Aldrazar is a well-respected financial institution with branches scattered across most places that trade has taken root. They are willing to provide their clientèle with Letters of Credit, which are generally accepted as true representations of their value in all but the most remote of places. They are willing to take almost any magical or treasure item off of people’s hands for 25% of its value.

Most churches are more than willing to outfit adventurers with divine or healing equipment for a small “donation” to their cause. As with real religious institutions, the favour of the divine is directly proportional to how much someone has donated.

Lightning Rail
A floating train system powered by bound lightning elementals that stretches across most of the empire, transporting goods and speeding passage for those with the coin to afford it.

An ancient monastic order, long envied for their ability to speak to one another across vast distances has become a guild of particularly gifted telepaths that has recently spread across the Empire from Sarkhan, charging those who wish to get fast word to someone in another place a massive fee.

Imperial Academy
The primary public school for training and educating a new generation of Imperial minds has smaller campuses scattered across their provinces and settlements, but the main campus is akin to a massive city itself, located at one end of the Vale Draconis and home to not only masters of the Martial and Arcane, but also several of those used to using Divine magic to good effect.


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