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  • The Stoned Goblin

    The first building raised in [[Seahaven | Seahaven]], The Stoned Goblin is a modest little inn, run by none other than [[:dallan-cartwell | Dallan Cartwell]], one of the survivors of the original encounter with the goblins's unsavory habits.

  • Bertok Ironhammer

    Bertok Ironhammer is an aging dwarven soldier, formerly with a wife and daughter who was originally a loyal citizen of the dwarven community of UnderMonk. However, it wasn't long after the birth of his gifted daughter that he realised the very traditions …

  • Dallan Cartwell

    Dallan is a 38 year old innkeeper who’s village was raided and destroyed by goblins some time ago, he has seen almost everyone from his village but himself be killed or taken and has somehow maintained his morale. The rest of the captives look up to him, …

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