Embersoul Genasi Seeker/Ranger


Torva’s mother is a firesoul Genasi while her father is watersoul, resulting in her being an Embersoul genasi. She is 22 years old (the equivilent of late 20’s in a genasi’s life span), 5’ in height and weighs approximately 50 kg. Her skin is light grey with dark red zul’dar. She has long charcoal coloured hair, the ends of which swirl around like smoke, with dark grey eyes. When she has an overflow of adrenaline (gets excited or angry) her zul’dar start to glow orange, her eyes burn with red flames and her hair progressively turns into fire.

Like all genasi Torva likes to show off her zul’dar by wearing rather skimpy clothing, but she does carries a cloak to cover herself up whenever she’s near civilization. She is an expert marksman with a bow and is currently equipped with a Greatbow.

Due to growing up in the Elemental Chaos Torva isn’t comfortable in large cities with many people. Because of this she isn’t much of a people person. She’s always brutally honest, never quite realising how tactless she can be. She loves chaos, danger and excitement so can get bored rather easily. When this happens she tends to “improve” the situation by playing pranks on her companions. Due to her connection with fire she can be quick to anger with an explosive temper, fortunately since she is not full firesoul it can subside just as rapidly. She is a steadfast passionate person.


Defining characteristic: Worked up = zul’dar flare orange, smoke hair turns to flame, eyes glow
Driving passion: To receive a surname
Flaw: Brutally honest, gullible, quick temper, reckless
Fear: Sand
Quirk: Prankster, strong affinity to smoke, highly sexual

Ally (Patron): Felsa, The Slumbering Queen
Antagonist: Vara Drowkin
Mentor: Zayden Alessio
Group that likes her: Monastery of Melora
Group that hates her: The Summer Court of the Fey.


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