Member of the Veiled Alliance, deceased


Toh was an enigmatic Hashishim who helped Nymira, Alain and Israna escape Cuttlescar after they got on Marcello’s (expansive) bad side. When the party boarded the Stormchaser to go to Shackleton, Toh accompanied them, along with another Halfling by the name of Rion.

During their dramatic escape, the party had encountered several Hashishim who looked to be comprised of sand. Toh and Rion were horrified by this, and intended to accompany the party to Shackleton to find information. Toh refused to say much about the issue, only stating that he had to seek out the owner of the Masters Whip.

Upon arrival in Shackleton, Israna, Conri and Rend discovered that the Masters Whip had been destroyed, presumably by Viasyr in her dragon form. They searched the building for clues, and in doing so found a trapdoor leading to a hidden basement. Israna saw the remnants of a poster on the wall depicting a sword very similar to the one she carries. She meant to ask Toh about it, but didn’t want to do so within hearing of Rend. Unfortunately, entering the basement set off an arcane trap, and Toh was killed by the resultant explosion. His final act was to throw a small harp charm at Israna, urging her to find Helbrek Hiddenbrew.


Aldrazar Solferino