Nymira Tikari

Elven Tiger Druid


Nymira Tikari is known as Nym and is a 124 year old Elven druid. She is a predator druid who turns into a tiger, with some healing abilities. Her eyes are fiery gold, like that of a tigers, with the outside lined in kohl. Her hair is a really light blonde with orange and black streaks running through it, either plaited or in dreads.


Nym’s mother was a member of the Veiled Alliance from thousands of years ago. While she was pregnant with Nymira, she was a holder of one of the 9 Swords of Tyr. When the Sorcerer King was struck down, the gathered energy released in a massive tide through the sword that struck him and into the other 8 swords. Every sword, along with the holder, got flung through time to random points in the future. Nym’s mother was flung through millennia, landing among a human tribe of druids on Oakford Isle, in the Shattered Isles. Unfortunately she didn’t survive childbirth.

Even though she was an elf, the druids took her in and trained her as a wildshape, predator druid. When her polymorph form proved to be a tiger, they gave her the surname Tikari (meaning tiger).

Once when she was in the woods gathering plants, at the age of 94, she came across an injured human. A young man on the brink of death. She nursed him back to health and they became fast friends. this young man was Aramond at the age of 18. Once he was healthy enough to return home, he promised to visit in a year, on the anniversary of the day she saved his life. He returned every year for 10 years until suddenly no more. Unfortunately, due to Nymira’s slow aging process, she couldn’t grasp the importance of a year and so it took her another 10 years before she went in search of her friend Aramond, at the age of 114.

5 years after she went searching for Aramond (now aged 119) she heard of his death by the hand of Baron Kade “Rune” Gehenna. Saddened and enraged, she vowed to avenge his death. When she finally made it to Bael Turath Kade had vanished. She followed his trail and was always just behind him, until 5 years later when she caught up to him in Cuttlescar and discovered he had in fact helped Aramond escape.

Defining characteristic: Tiger eyes, pointed teeth, dreadlocks.
Driving passion: Finding Aramond
Flaw: Doesn’t understand the impatience of short-lived races
Fear: Loneliness
Quirk: Assumes she always has the right to take charge (because of her extensive age/experience)

Ally: Aramond
Antagonist: Caelum Falkur
Mentor: Epileum Maior
Group that likes her: The Veiled Alliance
Group that hates her: The Blood Sail Clan

Nymira Tikari

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