Minnik Lora

Controversial female Dragonborn minstrel


She was born into the lowest rung of Dragonborn society, showing incredible musical talent at a young ages she was swiftly inducted into the Imperial Academy, where she saw first hand how difficult it was for talented people from all races to raise even slightly above their station.

Progressing through her education rapidly, she travelled with several other classmates including one of Al’s siblings to perform for several gatherings of Imperial Nobility where she saw the excesses they partake in. On their way through some of the ‘other’ areas the lightning rail broke down, forcing them to travel by foot/horse/carriage/whatever through one of the recently subjugated countries where she saw how the other half lives.Al’s sibling started saying how “it wasn’t right…yadda yadda” and ultimately was disappeared/made an example of/something which spurred her into action in the best way she knew how.
Songs and words to stir the hearts and minds.

That could spur Kh’zeri to leave. To seek her out
Where she travelled, dissent followed until she was eventually branded an enemy of the state by a recently appointed Imperial General. She fled to Riva, started planning a massive concert to get her point across to the other nations, which Kh’zeri would have decided to go to.
Now The Empire wants her extradited into their custody, Riva (in particular the king) has told them to politely screw themselves.

Minnik Lora

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