Maiara is a longtooth shifter, she had lived in Shackleton since she was 10 years old, having been captured by slavers at the age of 8 and sold to a merchant, however she was shipped to Shackleton after the merchant had difficulty with Maiara’s behaviour. Due to further misbehaviour she was thrown into the Gladiatorial pits to provide brief entertainment (no one expected her to live), however due to her wolfish nature and her benefactor Bidziil she survived and became a regular participant in the pits. After many years she won her freedom, she made a deal with Cyniscus and traded him her memories as part of this deal (she can not remember what she was receiving from the deal, only that is was very important). Cyniscus gave her the a job to track down and recapture escaped slaves. She returned to Shackleton after losing the trail of an escaped slave that she had been tracking for months (which turned out to be Connri).


Defining characteristic: Wolf like features most noticeable are her ears and Tail (very expressive), Brand of a gladiator crossed over with mark of freedom on the upper left of Maiara’s chest.
Driving passion: To regain her memories in order to find her way home.
Flaw: Will eat just about anything (and I mean anything – such as poisonous vines), Dislikes Razorclaw shifters and all things cat related (asides form Nym)
Fear: Not regaining memories and cooking a bad meal.
Quirk: Loves cooking and will try anything once, can not wear shoes due to fluctuating foot sizes, not easily started by creatures due to her exposure to them during her gladiator days.
AllIes: Knish and Darius
Antagonist: Cyniscus
Mentor: Bidziil Bloodfang
Group that likes her: ?
Group that hates her: ?


Aldrazar Sherzaq