Ksenia Redstorm

Female, Vryloka, Warlock/Paladin


Female vryloka, hybrid warlock/paladin of The Raven Queen.
>Back up character<

Ksenia starts out within The Empire, as a blonde human with tanned skin, who is a paladin of Bahamut, named Elenzy.

She tries to take down the Hand and Eye of Vecna because they are targeting non-dragonborn’s within the empire to experiment on. They retaliate by capturing her and attempting to turn her into a vampire, bending her will to theirs as a servant of Vecna. At the end of the gruelling ritual, Elenzy must feed on blood to complete the transformation. They throw a captured agent of Hands of Fate into the cell with her as a sacrifice. Instead, the agent presses a holy symbol of the Raven Queen into her hands and pleads with her to stay strong and not lose herself. He then sacrifices his own life in order to not see another undead creature in the world. Since he died by poison (an agent’s safeguard against divulging pertinent information) his blood is now tainted and no longer viable.

Elenzy clings to the holy symbol and prays for deliverance. Since the symbol was from an agent of the Hands of Fate, the Raven Queen hears her pleas and intervenes because she hates all things undead. This results in Elenzy becoming a vryloka (living half-vampire). Due to Bahamut’s lack of intervention she lost her faith of a lawful-good god and turned to the Raven Queen (for obvious reasons), a god of neutrality. She burns with a desire for revenge so entreaties the aid of an ancient star entity from the far realm, Khirad, who bestows upon her arcane powers, resulting in her becoming a hybrid warlock.

She is no longer recognisable from her former self with flaming curly red hair that seems to defy gravity, pale skin, red eyes and an enticing charismatic charm she can’t control. She changes her name to Ksenia Redstorm and casts off her old life choosing to follow another path. Squandering her life savings she buys a Lightning Rail ticket to Riva because the Raven Queen has instructed her to help out one of her most loyal warriors, an eladrin named Erevan.


Defining characteristic: Red eyes, Red hair defies gravity
Driving Passion: Revenge against the Hand and Eye of Vecna
Flaw: Going insane
Fear: Herself
Quirk: Naturally charming and hates it

Group that likes her: Hands of Fate
Group that hates her: Hand and Eye of Vecna

Ksenia Redstorm

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