Half-elven Protector Shaman


Growing up in Riva City, Riva, Kendall became a shaman quite by accident.

The younger daughter of merchants, it became clear very quickly that she hadn’t the aptitude for customer service that her sister Porenn had. Neither did she have the necessary powers of concentration to keep the store stocked. Exasperated, her parents tried to find employ for her throughout the city, and though they were both skeptical, she ended up with Dras, the local shaman.

Kendall spent several years in a happy bubble, learning and connecting with nature. Dras tried to ground her in the reality of dealing with spirits in an environment where the townsfolk barely believed in them, let alone respected them, when it happened.

Kendall’s philosophy: “People rely on words too much. Words are just air. Spirits see what your heart says.”


Aldrazar Solferino