Dragonborn Hunter


Large Dragonborn ranger who wields a massive bow covered in kill notches, a tomahawk and a serrated dagger.


Kel’tahn was once a scout for a celebrated unit in the Dragovarian Army, alongside his best friend Ro’gar. Unfortunately a lovely female Dragonborn Sorcerer fell for both of them, causing them to compete for her with fairly predictable results. What started as good natured ribbing soon progressed to jealousy and sabotage, ultimately ending in blows and a dishonorable discharge.

Standing over the unconscious and badly injured form of his friend Kel’tahn was struck by the severity of his actions and he did the only thing that he felt he could live with.
He left.
Now, years later Kel’tahn no longer concerns himself with questions of honour or the “Greater good of the Empire”. Now he looks forward to the next big hunt, bouncing from settlement to settlement to sell the valuable parts of his quarry.

Kel’tahn was first encountered by Rune in Calrossie as he was attempting to flee from the guards that were chasing him after the events at Stormbrace’s Manor and therefore bore some witness to his accidental involvement in the rise of the undead there. During the escape from the town he decided to make a getaway on his own by jumping into a nearby rowboat. Seeing this, Rune (on 2Hp) decided to mock him and got a near-fatal arrow to his chest in return.

As the Windstriker and the Aurora traded ineffective blows a mis-aimed catapult volley from Stormbrace sunk Kel’tahn’s rowboat. This left him with no choice but to clamber on board the Windstriker, causing Rune to quietly sob tears of joy into the decking at his feet.

Following the fight with Stormbrace and after the wildly improbable diplomatic success from Al that gave them an Iron Dragon ally, Kel’tahn found himself feeling similar feelings again only this time for a creature many times his size. While he was still his own dragonborn he also found his goals lining up with Vyazia’s desire to locate her son, stolen by Stormbrace.

Last the party saw of him he was clinging onto Vyazia’s tail as she flew off into the sunset, following information she had just received that pointed her in the direction of Shackleton.


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