Gnomish Ensnaring Swordmage


Israna is the gaughter of the Captain of the Guard in a large, mostly gnomish settlement not far from Riva Capital.

Her mother died in childbirth so she was essentially raised by the garrison. Picked up her first knife at 5 years of age – threatened a kitchenhand for some cake, in fact.

Torn between pride and reluctance, her father turned a blind eye to her rigorous self-imposed training, and was unsurprised when she turned out to be one of the best soldiers in her training group. Unfortunately her cheekiness and rampant curiosity meant she was totally unsuited to a guard’s lifestyle. Whilst attempting to learn more about her mother, she discovered an affinity for the god Kord and decided to use her skills to become a Swordmage.

Secret: She was content to stay at home until a gnome she’d been quietly in love with for a while announced his engagement to another. Desperate to avoid weakness, she fled under the guise of wanting to improve her skills. She does not plan on returning home.

Appearance: gnome-sized, deeply tanned skin, reddish blond hair perpetually in a thick braid.

Personality: Irrepressibly optimistic, enthusiastic, brave to the point of stupidity.

Philosophy: “Fear is like fire. Controlled, it is a useful tool. Lose control, however, and you aid your enemies.”


Aldrazar Solferino