Gabi Ironhammer

Sticky-fingered Dwarven Artificer


Tawny red haired young dwarf, barely 43 years old with a precocious need to create things and a tendency to borrow stuff from all around her to do so.


Daughter of Bertok Ironhammer, she grew up in the local underground dwarven community of Undermonk but has spent the past several years on the surface. Her father moved her family to avoid her persecution at the hands of the stodgy dwarven elders.
“Too unruly….too many wild ideas…” some would say, “…a danger to the entire city” said others and “She stole my everything.” more still. Bertok decided to move his little family away from potential explosion-induced cave ins and ruthlessly stuffy coucilmembers and to somewhere else where they could live in a peace only occasionally punctuated by explosions. However their little idyllic life of fishing and alchemy wouldn’t last indefinitely, which was harshly proven by the goblin raiding party that killed her mother and captured Gabi while Bertok was away.

Being bounced from cage to cage, through Shackleton and eventually to the dungeon that the goblins were operating out of Gabi found herself being sorted into a caged wagon and trundled off to the terrifying Soul Forge, where she was destined to be smothered in pacifying magics and slain during a horrifying process.
Thankfully this is where the party came in, after several surprising battles against the guards and the insane magic user who led them then almost lost Gabi at the hands of Heskin, the brutish jailer that had been systematically slaughtering the captives in the name of creating stronger weapons.

Gabi (much to her disappointment) was wreathed in magics that kept her mind alseep during the massive explosion when the party destroyed the soul crystal at the heart of the nefarious operation. It wasn’t until the party gained the help of Brother Lorak, a druid at the Meloran Monastery, who used obscenely bad tasting plants to snap her out of it.

Freed of the pacifying pool’s influence she immediately set about rebuilding her collection of tools, reagents and other accoutrements of her trade, usually with ‘donations’ from everyone nearby. She has fought alongside the party against the minions of the Sleepy Queen in Thistledown and has started to provide them with useful items she “put together from stuff I found.”

Gabi Ironhammer

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