Felsa, The Slumbering Queen


Felsa is a powerful archfey queen who sought to conquer the Feywild many centuries ago. As her power and holdings grew, several other archfey banded together to kill her. But the wily queen foresaw their impending attack.
Knowing that she could not defeat the group, Felsa bound together her mind, body, and spirit with a powerful enchantment. When the assault began, instead of falling to her enemies’ attacks, she fell into a deep slumber. Realizing that Felsa’s spell prevented them from actually killing her, the attackers hid her palace from detection with their own powerful magic and left her to dream alone.

Felsa has been slumbering now for many centuries. Although her body is asleep, her mind is quite awake. She regularly traverses the dreams of other creatures, using her fey powers to grant the dreaming wishes of those she believes could help further her own goals. With her mastery of enchantment and necromancy, Felsa can easily bring mortals under her
sway and drain their life forces while they sleep to aid her own recovery.

Felsa’s Scions
Whenever she desires, Felsa can send a small bit of her essence into the world to help achieve her goals. The scion she created to infiltrate Thistledown was a fragment of her own childhood made flesh and blood. She chose this form because she felt that the
children of the hamlet would more readily accept the help of another child. Since the scion is a bit of Felsa’s childhood essence, it speaks and acts like a child.


Felsa, The Slumbering Queen

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