Formerly Human Genasi Bardic Apprentice


Short (5’2") and quite lithe, Dawn was formerly a human and still maintains most characteristics of her original heritage.
She has dark auburn hair and green eyes, both of which have a tendency to flare into a variety of colors based on her primary elemental manifestation at the time.

Her skin is covered in a constantly changing, flowing pattern of szuldar-like glowing markings, which she makes every attempt to hide. These marking change coloring and behaviour depending on which elemental manifestation she is channelling at the time.

A skilled singer and musician, her magic has always been strongly based in her music.

Due to her recent possession by the Skylord she is now fluent in primordial and doesn’t know it yet.


Dawn was originally a human foundling, sent to Amadeus by Corky after he discovered her unknowing skill with the Arcane. Amadeus, seeing great potential in her, took her under his wing where she grew and prospered into a powerful bardic practitioner.

Sometime later, once Magnus had revealed some of his true nature, Amadeus decided to take steps against his former friend by enacting a ritual to shunt the Tower of Magnus into the elemental chaos. Dawn volunteered to ensure the Dimensional Spike needed to focus the magic was secured in Magnus’ tower.
However, an interaction between spells cast by both wizards at the same time caused the magic to go astray and lash around at anything nearby, catching Dawn in an arc of power and splitting her into four elemental components.


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