Brother Vincent

Easily distracted, knowledgeable monk of Melora


30ish Male human researcher
Unkempt hair, ink spotted robe.

Talks quickly but nervously and is constantly taking notes.
Pause: “Oh…well.”


Is amazed and shocked at Torva “By Melora, do you realise you’re a Genasi? I’ve only ever read about your people, looks her up and down facinating.”

Will react to Van’s spear with tentative curiosity and will ask them some questions:
“Where did you get that?”
“Do you know how it was made?”
“How does it feel when you wield it?”

“Oh…well I have a slight idea as to what this is, it bears resemblance to a process mentioned in a treatise I read on the Turathian/Dragovarian conflict from several thousand years ago. That was quite an interesting read if I do remember correctly, for instance did you know that theTurathians made certain deals with the devils to gain enough power to wipe Kesh of most of its life? They used to send them new souls using crystals that sound remarkably similar to the ones you described to me. Of course the Dragonvarian’s retaliatory strike flung the captial city of Bael-Turath into the nine hells, so I suppose that didn’t go as well as the Tieflings had hoped.”
“Anyways I expect you want to cleanse it for that is a powerful weapon indeed, despite being so darn evil. What you want to do in essence is reach into the weapon, extract the souls and guide them in the right direction.
So for starters you’ll need someone that is capable of handling the souls themselves, along with a powerful totemic implement to act as a focus. You’ll need a way to bridge the gap between the planes, a dimensional spike would probably do the trick as long as someone could correctly guide it to the Raven Queen’s domain. You’ll need a convergence of Ley Lines to perform the ritual on, those places usually have a history of interplanar travel and last but not least, you’ll be expending a lot of power doing this, certain..creatures will be drawn to it like a moth to a flame.”

Brother Vincent

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