Bertok Ironhammer

Retired Dwarven Soldier


Dwarven Soldier past his prime
Loosely braided beard
Gruff and jovial
Scottish accent

Find his daughter
Help his rescuers
Eliminate the slaving ring


Bertok Ironhammer is an aging dwarven soldier, formerly with a wife and daughter who was originally a loyal citizen of the dwarven community of UnderMonk. However, it wasn’t long after the birth of his gifted daughter that he realised the very traditions he loved were stifling her knack for invention.
Fed up with the way many of the dwarven elders had vilified his daughter Gabi after no more than a few tiny explosions, he elected to relocate his family to the surface, hung up his family hammer and took up fishing.
This was to prove to be a mistake, it was during one of his fishing trips away from his family that the goblin pirates raided his tiny family home, killing his wife, capturing his daughter and burning almost everything.

Except his hammer and shield.

He then spent the next several months tracking the goblins’s movements and ambushing smaller patrols before identifying the dungeon near Seahaven they were operating out of. He then made an error of judgement that led to his capture, where he was freed during the escape led by Erevan, Torva and Mika.

Learning that his daughter had been trundled off in one of the caged wagons to the east and devastated by his ordeal at the hands of the goblins he beseeched the party to find and rescue his Gabi, arranging to meet them in Seahaven with the rest of the liberated captives.

Bertok Ironhammer

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