Rune (a.k.a Baron Kade Gehenna)

Runaway Noble Tiefling Psion|Wizard


Kade is a male Tiefling running away from his family life so has adopted the alias, Rune. He is arrogant and vain thinking he’s great at everything even after constantly failing. He sees Death when he’s ‘bloodied’ and calls him D (since he’s on the verge of death quite frequently). He is constantly pretending Kade is his evil twin’s name and blames him when he gets in trouble. His flaws, however, make him a very interesting person to travel with. He may get everyone into trouble constantly but he can usually get them out again. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will always lighten the mood with a good laugh.

Rune is 32 years old, 6’1” and approximately 70kg. He has a long tail, recurved horns, and dark eyes. His black hair falls around his ears, and covers most of his horns. Rune prefers long coats and he never wears a shirt. He can always be seen wearing a female necklace he stole from his last conquest.


Rune’s name is actually Baron Kade Gehenna (inheriting the title a few years ago when his father died). He comes from an extremely proud noble family devoted to Mephistopheles the devil of the 8th hell (2nd in charge). His family’s curse involves killing by action not by deed every 8 days. This basically means they need to be the cause of someone’s death without just murdering them. If they fail to do so, they start to exsanguinate which involves a lot of bleeding from orifices. Rune/Kade has a younger sister, Desini, whom he loves very much. He feels responsible for her because she’s 14 years his junior so he basically helped raise her.

Growing up he had a tutor for his psion abilities name Aramond who clandestinely taught him to see the evil in his family’s way of life. When his parents ordered him to kill his tutor, he refused and helped him escape instead. Not long after, Desini turned 13 so was now susceptible to the Exsanguination and therefore must start killing to ward off the curse. Kade couldn’t stand to see her go through this so left to find Amadeus, a powerful wizard his tutor had spoken of, in the hopes of finding a way to release his family from the pact made with Mephistopheles (at the age of 27).

Amadeus put wards around Rune to prevent the Exsanguination from taking place in return for Rune being his eyes and ears out in the world. The wards are powered by the energy created from a treasured item. To make things a little more funny Amadeus made that item specifically a female’s necklace. Each necklace has a different potency depending on the sentimental value and Rune must replace them with a new one before the Exsanguination takes place. Rune is travelling around to research Tiefling history in order to find a way around the curse. He is also looking for ways to empower himself enough to take on Mephistopheles if necessary!

Defining characteristic: Wears female necklaces with no shirt
Driving passion: Breaking his family’s curse
Flaw: Arrogant/vain, overlooks Desini Gehenna’s evil acts
Fear: Vines
Quirk: Rubs scar on chest when nervous

Ally: Amadeus
Antagonist: Eliah Stormbrace
Mentor: Aramond
Group that likes him: Order of the White Lotus
Group that hates him: Citizens of Calrossie

Rune (a.k.a Baron Kade Gehenna)

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