Human Psion.


Aramond is a member of the Order of the White Lotus and a close contact of Amadeus. However, his story starts when he was just a boy.

Aramond was a star pupil of the Imperial Academy. At the age of 18 he caught the notice of the Gehenna family, who were looking for a psionic tutor for their son, Baron Kade Gehenna (Rune) (only 2 years old at the time). Aramond refused, so they tried to forcibly take him to Bael Turath, but he escaped. While on the run through the Shattered Isles, the Gehenna’s goons managed to catch up, and a fight ensued. Aramond was able to once again get free, but not without major injuries. He would have died in the wildnerness, if not for the rescue from a beautiful female elf, Nymira Tikari. His feelings for Nym rapidly grew, as only an 18 year old boy’s can, from infatuation to love. Unfortunately for him, Nym could only see him as a child.

As the inevitable goodbyes came, Aramond promised to visit her as much as possible. And so every year around the anniversary of Nym saving the boys life, he would travel back to Oakford Isle. A strong bond grew between the pair, but as Aramond’s feelings of love intensified, Nymira was still oblivious and thinking of him only as a young, short lived human.

After 10 years, the Gehenna’s finally found him. They captured him and kept him prisoner in their home. It wasn’t all bad for him, though. His 12 year old student, kade, became like a son to him, and he passed on all of his knowledge. Especially his knowledge of a better way to live. Steering the young tiefling away from the selfish, murderous ways of his family.

Once Kade turned 27, his father, Baron Alaric Gehenna, ordered to have Aramond killed. Luckily, Aramond’s teachings had sunk in, and Kade helped a 43 year old Aramond escape back to the Prime Material plane.

Aramond would be 48 years old by now but his current status and whereabouts are unknown.



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