Varsa Baalim is a Hell of a Place Pt II

"Hey Rune, break the bowl." "Dammit Rune."

After following the “scenic route” to Varsa Baalim, the crew of the Stormcatcher awoke in the morning to amazement at the fact that they had beaten Stormbrace there. Their eyes were immediately drawn to the gore-splattered hut of the old guy from yesterday and they decided the adventuring party should investigate that first.

Alain, Baron Kade “Rune” Gehenna, Rion and Maiara took one of the longboats and anchored it in a slightly hidden spot underneath the hut. Their worry at the ramshackle appearance of the structure did little to dissuade them from tearing off the two everburning torches that flanked the doorway.

Upon opening the double doors they were greeted by an interior just as ramshackle as the outside, with the main room being dominated by a large shark jaw surmounting a wide metal pipe which Al immediately went to investigate as the rest of the party spread out into the adjoining rooms.

Maiara head into an adjoining storage space where she had an opportunity to discover several large casks full of brandy, which she forced through the bag of holding and onto the ship, as well as a magical pair of spectacles which she perched on her elongated lupine nose. Rune discovered a nearby bedroom which contained a unique looking fishbowl, containing two tiny eels and miniature treasure chest filled with miniature treasure. He delved into his infernal heritage and used hellfire to boil the eels alive before smashing the fishbowl at Al’s insistence. He was a bit surprised to suddenly discover the room filled with several tons of boiled-eel flavored salt water, a full sized chest filled with silver and two very dead giant eels. The fishbowl actually miniaturised anything put inside it and Rune shattered that enchantment with a swing of his staff.

The torrent of water smashed Rune around, almost swept Rion out to sea and pushed Al into the metal pipe, not before he made a grab at the rapidly closing shark jaw which cost him the end of his little finger. Plummeting down the pipe Al landed in waist deep water in a small room, with two passages leading off of it. He is making his way across a mostly submerged room with a small broken stone bridge sitting under the water when he realises some sort of aquatic creature is following him and attempts to head back the way he came, only to bang his head on the submerged end of the stone bridge and become a confused potential easy meal for the shark. Thankfully the rest of the party comes to his rescue by diving down the chute (not leaving a rope to get back up, lol).

Investigating the rest of the corridors lead the party to discover that it is actually a Fane for a local deity called King Dredd. While this was happening, Maiara lent her impressive strength to the task of opening an old, rusted airlock which opened a watery passageway and flooded the rest of the corridors, forcing the party to swim through this newly-discovered escape route. Finding a safe, air filled refuge (after clearing it of crabs and getting dinner in one easy stroke) the party beds down for the evening.

The rest of the spelunking through the caves was comparatively uneventful, the only event of note was them looting a corpse trapped in a giant anemone, at least until they came to a large, obviously artificial room and heard some ominous music.


Rune wasn’t just smashed around by the water. He was smashed into the wall and pinned under a giant boiled eel…eeeww!


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