Sea Trek

Shackleton Shenanigans Part 2

Last Time: The party had managed to infiltrate Shackleton disguised as the slaver they had captured, unfortunately this disguise didn’t last long as Conri ran his mouth too much. They were ambushed just after Toh tragically died in the ruins of The Master’s Whip before Israna could ask him about the sword she was carrying.

This Time: During the fight with the Chosen and misc slavers (hobgoblins and gnolls) outside the destroyed inn, Cyniscus discovered Israna was holding the First Sword of Tyr and that she was in the company of an escaped pair of “twins” (Conri and disguised Rend). They managed to fight them off and flee throughout the town, with Rend blowing up several barrels of lamp oil in the middle of the marketplace being followed closely by Maiara, Conri’s bounty hunter.

The Twist: Maiara is unhappy where she is and is doing her job only because Cyniscus has her memories of her family, she has agreed to assist the party in return for a way off the island as part of their crew.

Some Background: Shackleton is a slaver port under oppressive rule by Cyniscus and his Chosen where reluctant gladiators are given an opportunity to fight their way to “freedom”, only to become virtual slaves to Cyniscus in the hope they will get their pre-slave memories back.

The Best Part: Rend copping a hooked net to the face and nearly falling into a pack of slavering hyenas (Gnolls). Conri thinking the trapped secret compartment hid a massage table.



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